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Home Organizing

Our approach to any room or space is a simple three step approach:

Declutter, Organize and then Style.

Mess may seem overwhelming, but in fact, it is just decisions waiting to be made.  A decision about whether or not to keep an item and if yes, where it belongs.  Sometimes we  need help making those decisions.

And that is where I come in...

When transforming a room we start with setting an intention.  "What would I like this space to be used for?  And how would I like it to feel in it?"  For example, a calm and nurturing living space, a relaxing and cozy bedroom, or a neat and functional wardrobe.

Once the intention is made, we then go ahead and declutter.  I coach you through making decisions, where you decide what to keep, and what is ready to be moved on. 

After decluttering, you may have bags of donations and trash.  Each bag you give away makes you and your home one bag lighter and brighter!

Organizing and styling is where we come up with a functional system for your home and lifestyle.   We place things where they belong in a way that is appealing to the eye and functional for living.

And there you have it!  Your space is transformed and your life elevated!





Intake questionnaire + zoom call, $90.

Continued support and guidance, $50 per week, includes up to 90 minutes of WhatsApp messaging and calls.


$75 per hour.  There is a 3 hour minimum per session.  

Haul away fee $20 for what ever fits in the car.


Refer a friend who books and receive 10% off your next session.


"Sarah came in to my home and sped up the process of eliminating, creating vision for spaces that fit exactly what my family needed most, and getting me to my goals.  Over the past couple months I've seen really positive changes in our home as a result - the children are calmer and more focused,  and my husband and I have embarked on new projects -everything seems possible with a clear and organized space!" - Lauren

"It was a great experience working with Sarah. She helped bring order to chaos, was quick and decisive. She helped transform my place and I appreciated this experience so much!"  - Sheeka

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