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Hey! I'm Sarah
I help people uplevel their space. 
My goal is to create ease, simplicity and beauty in your life so you can enjoy it!

I teach you:  

  • How to create an organized and beautiful home.  
  • Declutter for ease and simplicity.
  • Set up your furniture for a beautiful & inviting space.
In person and virtual options availbale

"Sarah is a wonderful person to work with. She is passionate about helping others find joy in their surroundings. Her enthusiasm is encouraging and empowering, and her visits leave me energized."

- Gail


"Working with Sarah has changed my perspective on organizing. I no longer focus on answering 'where should I put this item?' but rather ask myself, 'what function does this item serve?' and 'how does seeing this item in my home make me feel?'. Focusing on what sparks joy in my life has released me to give away things I do not need, and be more mindful about delighting in small things I enjoy." 

- Abby

Home Glow Consulting is a leading professional organizer in the Silver Spring, MD professional organizers directory on

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